Confusion - Single

by The Phasers

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released March 17, 2013



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The Phasers Sheffield, UK

We're The Phasers, a 4 man Indie/Alternative rock band from Sheffield!

Joe Dewick - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Aiden Girlow - Bass/Backing Vocals

Sam Hoyle - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Jeremy Oliver - Drums
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Track Name: Confusion
Take No Chances, Be the Master
This is going to be much faster
Up the Speed and Fuel the Fires
Sort the Truth Out From the Liars
Stand your ground and see the fusion
Look at all this Noise Confusion
Boy you’ve Never Done Me Prouder
Louder! Louder! Get It Down Yer!

Swinging Chains Out With the Bitches
Increase All the Raucous Pitches
Leaving From Your Big Bonanza
I Will Write Your Final Stanza
Trip into a Slow Illusion
Sleep With All this Noise Confusion
I Have Never Been So Prouder
Louder! Louder! Fucking Pound Them!

Making this the Big Crescendo
Jumping To Your Crazed Flamenco
Jogging Just a Little Bit
Stop it with this Crazy Shit!
Track Name: Seconds Out, Seconds Gone
What’s The Point in Trying to Tell You
That Your Love Is Not Needed
Waste away your minutes breathing
And all your friends are there seeded

I’ve Been Waiting for This Moment to Arrive
That you’ll never back me up
Then you tell me to close my eyes
I’m not seconds Out, but only seconds gone.

Why’d You Give up All the Fun Games
You’ve rolled your final dice
Flags are waving that’s ripped apart
Since when were you not nice?


Your drinking has become excessive Now
But Sobriety’s your evil twin
There’s friends who never really cared for you
But I’m not one, no no!

And I’ve Been Waiting for This Moment to Arrive
That you’ll never back me up
When’s the last time that you smoked till you were blind?
And that you drank till you threw up
Take a drive out into the setting sun
Run down the beach when we were young
Tell me when to close my eyes
You’re not seconds out, but only seconds gone.